Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cemetery Semiotics XXII

Cemetery Semiotics XXI

Cemetery Semiotics XX

Cemetery Semiotics XIX

Cemetery Semiotics XVIII

Cemetery Semiotics XVII

Cemetery Semiotics XVI

Cemetery Semiotics XV

Cemetery Semiotics XIV

Cemetery Semiotics XIII

Cemetery Semiotics XII

Cemetery Semiotics XI

Cemetery Semiotics X

Cemetery Semiotics IX

Cemetery Semiotics VIII

Cemetery Semiotics VII

Cemetery Semiotics VI

Cemetery Semiotics V

Cemetery Semiotics IV

From here on out I shall be silent and allow the symbols to tell their story.

Cemetery Semiotics III

The lay of the land from the opposite view.

Cemetery Semiotics II

The lay of the land.

Cemetery Semiotics I

Fort Douglas Cemetery

In 1862, the Fort Douglas Camp in Salt Lake City established a cemetery to inter its soldiers. Burials began there in 1863. In 1864, the soldiers at the post significantly improved the cemetery. They erected a beautiful monument in the center dedicated to the memory of the men killed at Bear River. They also constructed a red sandstone wall around the cemetery, with a steel gate located at the north end. The following year, a smaller monument was added for Utah Governor James D. Doty following his death and burial in the cemetery. Later, the cemetery was expanded to accommodate a larger number of burials, not only from Fort Douglas but also from Fort Cameron following its closure. A special section of the cemetery was also added for the German prisoners of war who died here during World War I.

The Fort Douglas Cemetery continues to be an active federal military cemetery, beautifully maintained. This little photo essay is of the symbols that appear on many of the cemetery's tombstones and the stories that those symbols tell. The first three photographs will give you a sense of the cemetery's geography, while the rest tell a story through semiotics.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Park City Essay XXII

A Park City icon.

Park City Essay XXI

An interesting juxtaposition of the historic and the "modern".

Park City Essay XX

A historic mining cart, tucked out of the way in a little park on Main Street.

Park City Essay XIX

A lovely statue in a small green space along the street.

Park City Essay XVIII

Decor around the entrance of Chimayo, one of the best restaurants in Park City.

Park City Essay XVII

A deceptive perspective through an alley and a building facade.

Park City Essay XVI

My son and daughter doing their level best to blend into the landscape.

Park City Essay XV

Staircase of many. For those who may not know, Park City is situated in a steep canyon and has an endless array of staircases crisscrossing both sides of the canyon. Whenever you are in Park City, you are always stepping up!